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In case anyone is actually reading this –


I always buy everything I can organic! I always cook with Organic whenever possible. I support organic, and eat at restaurants that serve organic. ORGANIC! ORGANIC! ORGANIC!

Look for this label on food you buy!!

Look for this label on food you buy!!

I’m serious about this. It’s not THAT much more expensive. A few cents here and there, aren’t you worth that??

And just as an FYI – once we started eating solely organic food we realized that our taste buds were dead from chemicals. You really can taste the difference, but mainly because the food taste alive instead of dead. AND now if something is NOT organic it has a very off taste about it – like something is wrong, but it’s not that it’s spoiled. That, my dear readers, is chemicals.

Please cook with orgniac ingredents. You deserve it. We all do.


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