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Because I cook every single day – from scratch – things change a lot.  When I can tell people “oh, the recipe is already on my website” I feel so happy.  But THEN, I realize what they just ate is probably NOT actually on my website because I am constantly reading, researching, experimenting, changing my ingredients, and altering my mental “That’s OK” list.  So in an effort to update everything at once here are some of my new favorite healthy replacements and unhealthy findings.


COCONUT PALM SUGAR – it’s pricey, but you really shouldn’t be cooking things with so much sugar that you need CHEAP shity sugar anyway.  So when you DO need sugar this is a GREAT replacement and it’s low glycemic and not too heavily processed.  It’s very new to the market so there isn’t any real information as to long term health downsides, but so far, it’s working great for us and the only things we know about it are positive.  I use it as an exact replacement for sugar.  Period.  It has a rich full flavor so it also doubles perfectly as a blend of Brown and White sugar.  It burns a little faster than white sugar, so be careful if you are cooking it on the stove (I use it for caramel corn – amazing!) It’s also dark (a sign of minimal processing –  a very good thing!) so it messes with colors of pretty baked goods, but not the flavor.  I frequently grind it up in a coffee grinder or with a stone mortar and pestle to get a more powdery texture when I need it.  Can’t say enough about it – I just wish it was a bit more popular so that the price would come down.  Even in bulk – it’s steep.  Still not as healthy as Maple Syrup (B Grade – ORGANIC ONLY!!) but Maple is so expensive per ounce that this is actually more cost effective.

COCONUT OIL – No surprise here that this is a GREAT oil to cook with, but recently I read a book called “The Anti-Inflammation Diet” which clearly and simply broke down the bad news about oils.  Coconut Oil has no bad news.  It’s just good for you.  I’ve been replacing all my baking oils (especially Canola) and frying oils with this.  It is one of few oils that won’t deteriorate at a high heat point.  I suck at explaining technical stuff  but THIS is a good place to read about the oils you are using. And if you are interested in an Anti-Inflammation diet (it will eliminate all allergies, food reactions, skin issues, etc…) I highly recommend this simple little book.  It’s short ans sweet and gets right to the point.

YOUR COFFEE GRINDER!!! I recently discovered that you can use a coffee grinder to make flour.  It’s easy and cheaper than buying specialty flours like Quinoa, Oat,  Balrey flour, etc…  I rarely use white flour in anything anymore.  I like to mix at least two flours in any given recipe.  Whatever I have in the house is what I use.  It almost never changes the recipe and ALWAYS ups the nutritional value of what you are eating.  My son now eats Quinoa almost everyday because I grind it up and put it in pancakes, cookies, breads, etc… I also recently discovered that our Omgea Juicer has a grinder attachment!!  What??  Life just got a little bit better for the Kamm’s.  I LOVE making my own flours.  I even hooked my Mom on it who now is also grinding flours for her loaf breads that she makes weekly.  TRY IT!!!  Don’t be scared to buy whole grains from the bulk bin and mix it up when you are cooking.  IT’S JUST FOOD!!!  If you don’t like it you can try again next time.  And I also recommend that you don’t grind much more than you need for what you are cooking because the second you grind nuts, seeds and grains they immediately start losing their nutrients.  Get the most out the food you cook whenever possible.  We eat TOO MUCH dead food.  It’s killing us and depresses me terribly – so do it for me. Get Grinding… (by the way – you already know this but coffee is one of THE singular most unhealthy things you can drink and put in your body.  WHY it’s our nations drink of choice to “get us going” is maddening.  It is slowly contributing to the demise of your health, in every way.  So trade the beans for grains and watch how your whole body thanks you!)

APPLESAUCE – Really?  Applesauce?  So I stopped eating eggs a long time ago, but I never tried any other egg replacer except “Ener-G Egg Replacer” which works okay – it got me through.  But then my friend Madelyn (who feeds her family very much like I do) told me to try applesauce to replace eggs in baking.  My god – it works like a charm in everything!!  So much so that I can not understand why eggs are even IN recipes.  We are so accustomed to what we learned in childhood that we don’t even bother to think there could possibly be an alternative (at least I was).  Of course it can’t make a quiche or a souffle, but it makes one hell of a waffle and muffin!!  I now have applesauce in the fridge like I used to have eggs.  I ALWAYS have an open jar of (organic, no sugar added, plain old nothing but apples in it) Applesauce in my fridge and I use it constantly when I cook.  I also now know there are tons of great vegan replacements for almost every egg application.  Thanks to Madelyn, who might read more than I do about food.  Be brave – go to the library and get a book on vegan cooking or Google it and try something new – break out of your “shell!” (yes I did say it.)


STOP USING CANOLA OIL!!! – It’s thinning your blood and making you sick!  It’s made from a poisonous plant and is highly processed to be “edible” but it’s toxic!  It’s on the market because of our lovely culture that accepts currency in exchange for a FDA stamp of approval.  It’s no secret just kept very quiet – read all about it here: and there’s more here: and I’m sure if you want more info after those two sites you can Google away, or go to the library.  The Anita-Inflammation Diet book I mentioned and linked to above did a great job of breaking it down as well.  I was using Canola Oil all the time – I will never use it again.  There are SO many good oils out there – why use a bad one??

AGAVE – This is one of those news worthy findings that I still prefer not to believe.  I love Agave.  I was using it in everything for a while.  BUT it turns out it’s one of those really not so good for you foods that is being marketed as “Natural” “Low Glycemic” and worst of all “Raw.”  After doing a ton of research I found that not only is Agave NEVER raw, it is also highly refined and processed in very high heat.  What does this mean to you?  It basically has the same effect on your stomach, liver, kidneys, etc… that sugar has.  Because it is so highly refined and processed at such a high heat, anything that your stomach would normally have to filter out, before sending it to your stomach lining to dispurt to your digestive track, isn’t there.  SO it passes through the lining at a very fast rate which in turns taxes your liver and kidney from overload and causes your whole body to get thrown out of whack which throws off your hormones and causes a slew of bad things to happen.  Very much like sugar if not exactly like sugar. I retell things fuzy so here’s more info:  Boo Hoo – I miss Agave and because I had so much of it in my pantry before I stopped using it – I still have a ton, and I refuse to offer it to someone who I know likes it because I can’t be a party to that system.  I use it every once in a while still when I know it’s the perfect flavor for something.  But I use it sparingly and knowing that it’s bad, and I NEVER give it to my kid anymore.  I have basically replaced it with Coconut Palm Sugar, Maple Syrup and Brown Rice Syrup.  But I miss it – it was cheap and easy to find organic and tasted pretty good.  Oh well – live and learn.

I hope some this info makes you re-think  your options and maybe gives you more!!!  I’ll try to stay on top of my changes.  I know most of you reply and respond via Facebook, but feel free to post any info you have about this stuff or anything else in the comments.  I am always open to new info when it comes to my family and friend’s and the world’s health and food!!


ps – I have about 10 new recipes in the pipeline – I just don’t have time to get them up!  Too much music going on here in Bend!  No time to write.  Millet Skillet Stack, Yum Bowl, Vegan Calzones, Pumpkin Butter Cookies, Caramel-Corn… so many yummy dishes! Coming soon!


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