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SUCH a downer – but facts are facts…


A note about my eating habits, and the eating habits I teach my son.

As a vegan/vegetarian I am signed up with every activist group you can imagine.  I LIKE every “Animal Rights” page on Facebook, I even get mail from non-for profit groups almost weekly.  So I see A LOT of awful stuff.  It keeps me feeling good about my decision not to partake in the animal industry in any way.  Animals should not be an industry of any kind.  That is my belief, and  live it with action.

Here is a video that is EXTREMELY difficult to watch.  I couldn’t watch more than a minute of it. I wanted to share it because it’s real.  Of course you don’t have to watch it, but I think it’s important to know what you support and where your money goes.  When you buy meat, milk, eggs, shoes, couches, belts, etc… YOU are supporting what you will see in this video.  YOU are the reason it continues. I know it’s not pleasant.  But it’s true. If we all stopped supporting it, and demanded responsible, humane practices from the people whom we choose to give our money to, things would change.  Money talks.   These animals have no voice, but they are real, feeling thinking, living beings. Do SOMETHING… because they can’t.

I promise, one of these days I will have some extra time to post some recipes.  It’s been madness in our house lately.  I am missing my food blog…



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