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So much new (and dissapointing) information!


I’ve been way away from the blog lately. WAY away. Mostly because I’ve been busy with our little company and conquering the world of travel film-making accessories with my husband. Not exactly health food – but paying the bills.

Fortunately I HAVE still been able to keep up on my food research for the health of my family. Today I read about another disturbing misnomer – Organic products made with non organic ingredients. Ugh. When will it end? Please read to keep yourself updated too – every little bit helps.

I will be posting more stuff like this soon. I have a list of articles and info that I have discovered over the last few months, I just need 3 more assistants before I can get to posting anything in a timely manner.

Until then…
Eat healthy and feed your family REAL FOOD!!

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“So much new (and dissapointing) information!”

  1. Avatar May 22nd, 2013 at 11:18 am Deena Says:

    By the way – the company posted here – Green Cradle – was the ONLY place we shopped when I was pre and post pregnancy and when we were buying things for the house back when we lived in LA, CA. They aren’t cheap, but the owner, Edward, knows his stuff. He is an incredible resource and he is committed to healthy living and digging deep for the truth. I love Edward and attribute much of my son’s consistent health to the choices he helped me make early on. GO THERE is you live in LA. It’s worth every penny. Buy from them online. You can’t go wrong.

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