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Let’s get down, dirty, and RAW – Day 11 of my journey into food


So, here’s to a much needed break from my Accounting discovery today that I am not factoring in the entire landed cost of my not landed products for 2013 even though I decided to account for them as actually landed before 2014… ugh. My accountant is going to LOVE this one.

But let’s talk about something fun for everyone!  I came across this video the other day and was very intrigued.  Actually, I was totally inspired!! Here’s the link to it:

This woman, Annette Larkin, is like 2000 years old and she looks 15!!!  I’m sure genetics, good hydration, and amazing body products play a part – but not THAT much of a part! Annette’s secret is – drum roll – she eats totally Raw and has for decades.  Her husband eats a conventional American Sh** diet (of course I’m extrapolating from his description) and frankly, it shows. Sorry hubby – you’re cute, but you don’t look 15 or even particularly healthy.  Annette is totally vegan – grows her own food – and eats all her food raw.  Super impressive in this Super Size Me society.  Based on her video, I love her and I want to be her friend, but since that’s probably not going to happen I’m just going to let her inspire me instead.  Maybe you should too!

Honestly, every time I tell someone I’m vegan (even though I do occasionally cheat with my second true love, cheeeese) they immediately ask me how I get protein.  They tell me how they could never stop eating meat.  They tell me how they have to have it or they don’t feel good.  Hooey.  That’s right – Hooey!  I’ve never met a vegan who feels like they can’t get enough protein.  Even my husband, who has been weight lifting religiously for close to a year now, has learned from tons and tons of vegan body builders that you don’t need animal protein to build muscle.  It’s just not the IMMENSE requirement everyone makes it out to be.  Will you look like Former Governor Schwarzenegger if you are a vegan body builder? Most likely not.  Would you really want to?  Are there any body builders reading this right now?

Now if you love meat and don’t have a problem eating dead animals – fine. (laying it on thick now) Whatever.  Eat those poor sweet innocent helpless things. (Even thicker)  But if you’re curious about how you might feel better or how you might stop being sick or how you might be able to actually survive and be healthy without it… there really is nothing stopping you from cutting meat (and dairy) out of your diet here and there – maybe for a month – maybe for a week… Don’t let common misconceptions fool you into thinking it’s going to hurt you!  I mean – look at Mrs. Annette!  She’s happy as a meadow lark (as my grandpa used to say.)  Nothing is stopping her from doing anything she wants to do… except maybe take up hunting as a sport.  I also found out that she has her own website:  She’s a 15 year old grandma who’s totally in touch with technology and the future.  She better be because she’s probably going to live to see a lot more of it!

And now for a list of things that are considered meat – (there’s a lot of confusion about this for some reason)

  • Beef, Pork, Chicken, Fish, Shellfish, Bears, Mice, Orangutangs… Anything with a heartbeat, pulse, blood, eyes, mouth, etc.

And now here ‘s a list of things that are considered dairy – (even more confusion)

  • Cheese, Milk, Eggs, sour-cream, cottage cheese… anything that is made from and animal, or the product of an animal (see above)

Note: If you are a strict Vegan you also don’t eat Honey.  I say F-that – and just don’t eat honey at all unless it’s local and unprocessed and unfiltered!  Also – eat it in moderation because it’s not health food. I don’t feel like eating honey is hurting bees, but I respect that others don’t eat honey because it is a bee byproduct.  I also hate how commercial bees are raised. Oh wow – surprise surprise! I have strong feelings about what’s going on with the bees right now – but I suppose that’s another post.

Now, if you please, take some advice from Annette and get out your vita-vega-mixey thing and don’t cook tonight!  Maybe you’ll enjoy being young again.




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