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Breakfast for the kiddos…Special request. Day 16 of my Food Journey


My friend Linda is the ONLY other Armenian person I know in Bend, or anywhere in the world for that matter (expect for a few random family members in California)  She is REALLY Armenian – like born there, speaks the language, looks the part type of thing.  I am so happy to know her because she reminds me of all the beautiful things I miss about my Armenian grandmother (although Linda is around my age) especially FOOD in her Armenian Kitchen!!!

Anyway – Linda recently requested a little info on what I feed my son for breakfast, as our boys are the same age (and nationality – amazing!).  So this one’s for you, Linda! To repay me, I’ll take some Baklava please.  Homemade, obviously.  Easy peasy.  Get to it!!

Breakfast in our house is not that big of a deal actually and really not THAT varied.  We go back and forth between the following items with rare exception:

  • Oatmeal with coconut oil and maple syrup either plain or with frozen blueberries, or walnuts, or shredded coconut.
  • Granola with rice milk
  • Smoothies with various fruits (berries, apples, bananas, peaches, etc…) almond butter, flax seed, chia seeds, and apple juice or rice milk.
  • Whole Wheat English muffins (from Whole Foods – no sugar added) with coconut oil and some kind of fruit jelly and a piece of fruit – usually a banana or kiwi or strawberries depending on the season.
  • Hot Brown Rice Cereal with coconut oil and maple syrup.
  • Hot Multi Grain Cereal with coconut oil and maple syrup.
  • Leftover Brown Rice re-heated and prepared like oatmeal (coconut oil and maple syrup or fruit)
  • Boxed Cereal – either Millet Rice from Nature’s Path or London’s all time favorite thing – Veganic Sprouted Brown Rice CaCao Crisps from One Degree (I absolutely LOVE this company!)
  • Thumbprint cookies (these babies are like a crazy healthy power meal and my kid thinks he is eating cookies.)
  • My world famous, multi-grain, homemade Pancakes
  • Scrambled Tofu with toast (I should post this dish soon – it’s pretty delicious)
  • And on days when we need to reset or eat REALLY healthy we make either a vegetable based Miso soup or Ame-Sho-Kuzo which is a Japanese healing drink that my friends The Taylors taught us about when we were eating only a Macrobiotic diet. London loves this drink as does Zeke. It fills you up and makes your body feel super happy. I will post this drink later as well. It’s a good one to have on hand for crummy sick days.

That’s about it. It’s pretty much all the same things I eat in the morning as well because I hate to cook two things. I give London the choice and whatever he picks is pretty much what we eat for breakfast that day. I find he eats more when he is in control of what I cook. And I love when he eats a ton of food at breakfast. It helps me relax about lunch, which is typically a rather large fight in our house. Our kid eats a good breakfast and then snacks until dinner. That’s probably because that’s what I do – now that I see it written down. Ugh – one more thing to work on. It never ends.

I’d love to hear about your breakfast foods. The comment section should be working now. Thanks to my techsavy husband for fixing it. I know there has been a lot of people trying to comment. Well – now that you CAN let’s see what goes down.

Linda, If you don’t get around to making me baklava (boo hoo) then I’ll accept the Zucchini Scone recipe you shared with me from your fantastic Summer Brunch as your payment. They were amazing, but not baklava.

Have a healthy day!

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