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Business Dinners, Baby Showers and Birthdays… Day 15 of my Food Journey


Oh my – This past week was CRAMMED full of things, and events, and more things, and schedules, and things…
What I learned about myself while out at these events and things… I have very little to no will power with food while I’m outside of my home.  That’s it – You can stop reading here.  That’s the jist of this post.  The remainder of this post will be nothing but details.

ah – you’ve read the whole internet already today? Okay:

Wednesday night I attended a meeting of women entrepreneurs and professionals at a conference room/hotel type of place (it was actually the conference room at the main hospital here in Bend, but it’s basically the same type of food and experience.) Now part of the fun of this group is it’s all women and there are lots of “I get it cuz I’m a woman too” treats floating around. Most of them chocolate. Most of them look GUUUUD. So I only ate a few. That’s not great, I know… I was pretty proud of myself every time I passed one by. Then dinner was served – buffet style – and it was actually pretty decent. There was brown rice, yellow curry with veggies, whole wheat rolls, and salad with a sweet but not terribly bad for you dressing, which I did not hesitate to load on and wipe up off my plate with my roll. Classy. I was able to resist the butter, meat (obviously), and wine & beer bar option, but not the fruit tart or the cute little gluten free cupcakes that our Table Host generously supplied us. I did take home two HUGE individually boxed cupcakes though, but – surprise surprise – I was strong enough to walk them right over to my neighbors house for them to enjoy and feel guilty over that night.
So, well, I could have eaten before I left the house and not partaken in any of the very business like sweets and food offered to me. But I foolishly thought I would not make bad choices. I told myself “there will be salad or something and then I’ll just eat if I’m still hungry when I get home.” Mistake.

Saturday morning I attended a very lovely baby-shower. I was already feeling kinda lame about my weak behavior from Wednesday night so I was SURE I would be strong during this harmless event. Baby-showers are awesome. I love them. They are full of women talking about my favorite subject… how annoying men can be –  and also how sweet babies are and how much we want more of them. I waited to eat that day until I got to the event simply because I was excited to gorge on brunchy food that I didn’t have to cook. I love brunch almost as much as I love talking about babies. I was excited. It didn’t really occur to me that there would be NO vegan food available (which there was not) and nothing without sugar cooked in (which there was not) and alcohol at every turn (which there was. Apparently that’s why they called it a “Champagne Brunch” on the invitation.) But I was literally going to eat my arm if I didn’t consume food, so I ate what I could and broke my ONE 90 day journey rule that I was SURE I would not break… no dairy. And did I break the rule! I ate the salad (trying to avoid the goat cheese, but not very hard) I ate the french toast souffle (OMG!) I ate the muffins and the bagels with cream cheese and the CAKE!!! Really, Deena? Yes, it was made by a former Pastry Chef for Gordon Ramsey, who now lives in Bend, of course, and who is the sweetest and most talented cake maker I have personally ever seen or met. The cake was Creme Brulee on top (little crunchy bits of caramelized burnt topping in the middle of the cake – ugh… life changing) and Marion Berry on the bottom. There was NO diet that was going to keep me from loving up that cake.
Then I had a cup of coffee – because I just had cake.  And no one can have coffee without adding sugar and cream to it – at least I can’t. Then I had another cup of coffee because I forgot how good coffee was and also because those fancy pretty little china cups were just too small. And THEN I was totally and completely stuffed out of my mind. Oh – and feeling lame about my choices again.

I didn’t eat the rest of Saturday until late that night and I am proud to say that I didn’t eat even partake in a tiny bite of the cake I brought to my show for our Drummers birthday. I thought about it though. A lot. All during my show actually. I also resisted the temptation to have one of the 5 Silvermoon Kegs on tap that night. Honestly the only reason I didn’t eat or drink anything is because I never eat or drink before or during a show. I never have and I never will. And after the show the cake and free Microbrews were at the other end of the venue and I really didn’t want to walk through all of those drunk ass people just to break more rules for myself. Also – I would have inevitably had to chat (scream) with some of them which would have meant my gold party boots would be on my feet that much longer. So I left and reveled in how STRONG my will power was, went home and took my husband up on his offer of reheated tofu scramble with vegan Fieldroast sausages. Yum. Thanks sweetie. You always come through for me.

This morning we had friends over for breakfast and I got right back to cooking my family’s favorite healthy pancakes and eating good, whole, organic, home-made food. No shenanigans. No excuses because our friends aren’t vegan or aren’t used to pancakes without sugar and white flour or coffee with real cream or cows milk. I DID have a cup of coffee with rice milk and coconut palm sugar thinking it was still within my rules, which I am regretting as I type this because it always cramps me up for the rest of the day. How do people drink that battery acid on a regular basis? I know it’s delicious, but there is a limit, right? I mean it’s not like it’s cake!!

If you actually got through this entire post then I need to say thank you for being interested and caring about my ridiculously idiotic challenges with will power, or lack there-of. You will be happy to know that I have no plans outside of the house for the coming week revolving around food so I think I should be able to get back on track like the adult that my age tells me I am.

Here’s to the healthy week ahead!!

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“Business Dinners, Baby Showers and Birthdays… Day 15 of my Food Journey”

  1. Avatar January 20th, 2014 at 8:14 pm Guy Says:

    What did you do before you started your journey? How old are you? Do you like to dance with me?

  2. Avatar January 20th, 2014 at 8:20 pm Deena Says:

    Guy – you sound cute. I would be happy to dance with you. Can you lift me up? Like 50 times in a row?

  3. Avatar January 20th, 2014 at 8:24 pm Guy Says:

    Hello V Lady. Do you only have two fingers on your right hand? I don’t mind. To answer your so kindly worded question, yes, I can lift you up 50 times in a row I think so. How much you weigh? Under 250 lb. I do it okay. How much does it cost me?

  4. Avatar January 20th, 2014 at 8:28 pm Deena Says:

    Okay “guy”, as usual, you’ve gone too far. That’s just creepy. Will you never learn when to stop?
    I love you anyway – now stopping posting creepy comments on my blog. But thanks for fixing the comment option so other weirdos can post now.

  5. Avatar January 20th, 2014 at 8:29 pm Guy Says:

    You are welcome V lady. I come by and curl you hair some time. I don’t know how yet, but I go to school soon for to curl the hair.

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