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If you want to eat healthy, you should marry my husband. Day 29 of my Food Journey.


Well… when I started my 90 day Food Journey I had BIG plans to blog every single day, without fail, like the rockstar that I believe that I am. Even if it was just a short little blurb about what I ate or what my challenges are or what the scale is telling me, etc…  ha ha ha ha ha!  That was a hilarious overachievers delusion!!  I suffer deeply from that syndrome and I crack myself up that I never learn.  Not to mention that I couldn’t pull off a “short” “little” “blurb” to save my life. But seriously – I had no idea I was going to be sitting at my desk every day for 14 hours a day over the last few weeks trying to figure out how much the IRS is going to love us.  This happened to coincide with rehearsals and shows with my funk band, painting the Production Studio that is being built for our company, and my assistant leaving and me not having a back-up plan other than… me. Not to mention my regular workout schedule and that I still like the idea of spending time with my fantastically patient son, oh – and I’m still married too.  At least the last time I checked I was married.  Recently I have stopped putting my wedding ring back on everyday after lifting weights during workouts and also after trying to avoid ruining my conga heads while playing with my band. So there goes my little visual reminder that I still have a husband, too.

LUCKILY – not only do I still have a husband, but I have the greatest one ever, and HE hasn’t forgot that we are married.  He also hasn’t forgotten that we need to eat.  Or that we need to eat healthy. Here is picture of my beautiful boys in a tickle fight:

"My Happy Boys"       Photo (c) D.Kamm

“My Happy Boys”
Cel Phone Photo by D.Kamm (c)

Aren’t they cute?

For the past few years I have done most of the cooking for us and although my husband, Zeke, is a VERY good cook, it’s really just been mostly me taking care of the planning, shopping, cooking, and finding new things to eat that work for our lifestyle.  But here are a few reasons why my husband is super amazing and wonderful:

1. He’s really cute, and nice, and funny.
2. He knew I was on a very strict 90 Day Food Journey. No Sweets. No alcohol. No eating out (or very very very little.) No dairy (not even cheese – which is the Achilles Heal of our household.) No salt (I just added that one in last week. REALLY? You’re still adding stuff to STOP eating, Deena??? WTF??) No snacking.  And more…
3. He has happily supported it fully in every way including doing all the same things himself (for the most part.)
4. When he realized I was under water time-wise he didn’t hesitate for a moment. He stopped everything and took over the kitchen. And I mean TOOK OVER!
5. He treats me like a queen and tells me I’m beautiful even when the sun’s gone down and I still haven’t gotten around to brushing my teeth and have been in the same pair of Russian Sweatpants 5 days straight.

For the last few weeks, at around 6pm, when I come up for air simply because I’m noticing how dark it suddenly got, I am not panicking about what we are going to eat at 6:05pm for dinner because my husband has already gone to the store, prepped dinner, and is telling me that if and when I have time, it’s ready for me to eat. Then he also forces me to stop and eat. This a bad and very unhealthy habit I have yet to fully overcome in my adult life: not making time to eat until I am ravenously starving to death and have turned into a crabby low blood sugar angry bitch. But not if Zeke’s is around!!
Who’s the Rockstar now??

To make the jackpot even bigger, he has been making all new stuff – from cookbooks (which was a first for him – proud of you, Sweetie!) and finding amazing recipes and making some amazing food! I am so impressed, and inspired!
Here are a few of the beautiful, healthy, vegan dishes he has supplied me and my son with over the last few frantic weeks:

Lentil Loaf with cauliflower Mashed Potatoes (will be blogging this wonder)
veggie burgers
vegan meatballs and spaghetti (these came out amazing and I plan on blogging the recipe too – Don’t worry the title will not include the lame word: Amazeballs)
cashew based milkshakes (super healthy! who knew???)
cashew ricotta cheese pizza with greens (delicious – I will blog this eventually)
And just because he was on a roll… sugar-free dark chocolate vegan butterfingers (oh yes he did – and I even had one bite in spite of the maple syrup that I was not supposed to be eating. How could I resist such a refined retro dessert as this?)

I have managed to cook one or two meals myself, but I am so appreciative of his immense help and stepping up so that I could have this crazy time be just a little less stressful and a lot more nutritious!! Nothing makes eating healthy easier than a supportive household full of great cooks!! And nothing makes a happier household than a HEALTHY household! So get on the same page with your spouse/partner/roommate/goldfish or get him/her onto your page – whatever it takes!! Because it WILL get you through the rough and stressful times so much easier.

I plan on getting back to my every other day posts (I’m being a little more realistic now) and getting back into the kitchen so my husband can get moved into his new studio and get back to work. So hang in there with me – there are many more recipes and food ideas to come… Let’s keep getting healthy together!!

And to my husband – thank you for always treating me like a Queen.  You are my King and I love you.

TheQueen_and her King

“The Queen & her King”
Selfie Cel Phone Photo by D. Kamm


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“If you want to eat healthy, you should marry my husband. Day 29 of my Food Journey.”

  1. Avatar February 2nd, 2014 at 10:34 pm Guy Says:

    Your husband is very lucky man.

  2. Avatar February 2nd, 2014 at 10:40 pm Deena Says:

    Thanks, Guy. He totally is.

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