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Yesterday was a dream come true…. Day 31 of my Food Journey


I can’t tell you how many times I have thought to myself… “I wish everything was just good for you. Then I wouldn’t have to think so hard, look so much, and worry about most things!” I find myself driving around from Natural Grocers, to Whole Foods, to Trader Joes… all in a two hour period on any given day just to get the everyday items I keep in my pantry.  Well yesterday my wildest dreams came true and I felt like I was in the “Heaven” that I hear so much about.

Two days ago I got a flyer from Costco about their “Organic” products being on sale.  This flyer was beautiful to me because it was ONLY about their organic food, (and more vaguely) why they believe in them, and what their standards are for procuring them.  Now anyone who is within 50 feet of me, my blog, Facebook page, or kitchen already knows that I am a firm believer in organic foods (and cleaning supplies, toiletries, bedding, furniture, rugs, etc…) so I probably don’t have to tell you that this promotion put on by Costco was VERY encouraging to me.  Costco is for the masses.  Period.  BUT they think outside of the box, whether you realize it or not.  They are a very progressive company and conscientious about just about every dollar that they bring into their store.  I worked there for 7 years- I was a manager and I was in on meetings with higher-ups and I can tell you that they take care of their customers, their employees and their footprint.  I am a huge Costco fan inside and out.  BUT I usually have to scour every single isle to find what is new and organic and healthy… Blah blah blah.  It’s not a quick run through the grocery store to grab what I need and know will be there – it’s a scavenger hunt that can take anywhere from 20 to 45 minutes.  Ugh.  Annoying, but I do it because they carry a lot of my staples that we eat on a regular basis, and I like to save money as much as the next guy (maybe more).

Getting back to my dreams coming true – yesterday Costco had their two most seasonal highly visible, heavy traffic center isles FULL from front to back of NOTHING but organic foods.  To make life even more wonderful they put all the signage for their organic foods in bright green sleeves so you didn’t even have to look for the buzz word on the tag to know that it was organic.  Ah ha!   I was SO happy – and frankly I was like a kid in a candy store.  My mom went with me and as usual she thinks I’m totally nuts and over the top, but I’m happy she was there so that it didn’t look like I was a crazy person talking to myself walking up and down those two isle shouting “this is so amazing!!  I’m so happy right now!  This is a dream come true!!”  I get a bit dramatic about things – what can I say.  I was born that way.

Kudos to Costco for once again leading the way in the mainstream markets.  I encourage everyone to go to their local Costco and look for the organic food isles and if they don’t have them yet put a comment in the suggestion box asking for it!  They not only read every comment, but the comments are supposed to get sent to the corporate office where your message is hear loud and clear.  I myself will be sending a letter to Craig Jelinek, the CEO of Costco thanking him for continuing the good work that Jim Sinegal started back in 1983.

Put your money where your mouth is, everyone!  Every dollar sends a message. Tell them you are IN!
Healthy, happy eating!

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