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This one’s for the Ladies… Day 33 of my Food Journey


Let’s get right to it… I’m totally PMSing!  I need-want-crave-will kill if I don’t have SUGAR (and pizza)!!

doughnut image by Arnold Inuyaki  Cookie image by Robyn lee  Pizza image by Nick Sherman

I am trying to remain strong, because I know that is a dead end road, but I think you ladies are probably with me here. When you have just commenced ovulation and your thyroid is sending dessert menus to your brain to get ready for a 3-5 day journey into Crankville… It’s F’ing hard to stay strong.  If any of you Male people are with me right now – frankly you just don’t get it.  So don’t try.  I would normally be more polite about that – but I don’t have the patience right now and my finger is on the ALL CAPS button like crazy to prove it.  This monthly drama is real and it’s powerful and I NEED some damn sugar (and pizza)!!!

Okay – so I posted to my Crossfit Thrice Food Journey group via on the almighty Facebook and they helped calm me down.  Thank you ladies – I appreciate you and your understanding.  I guess I’m really posting this just to say that sometimes I am crazy annoyed that I can’t just EAT – anything – everything – all of it!!!  I love food.  Everyone loves food.  As a matter a fact I think that anyone who claims they are “Foodies” are also semi-goofballs because the world as we know it exists because we are ALL foodies in every way!!  Sure some of you might believe that Cheese-wiz is a delicacy and call yourself a “Foodie”, but still – if that’s what makes your neurons connect and sends serotonin down your spinal cord to make your toes curl with happy vibes, well who I am to say you’re not a foodie for that?  (I’m pretty sure that’s not really the biological process, so don’t quote me on that.)

The problem is not that I am a “Foodie” or that I like food – it’s that all the EASY (and fun) food is shit.  That’s right – all the easy food is pretty much just shit for you and your body.  I said it.  Thanks to my cranky attitude – I just made that bold statement.  And because I am PMSing I’m totally annoyed by that absolute fact.  I just want to go to my pantry and eat a bag of potato chips (the fried kind) and another bag of cookies (the processed kind.)  And ANOTHER thing… I’m feeling pretty annoyed that THIS is the shit food I grew up on and subsequently WANT RIGHT NOW!!!  My son will never know these struggles.  He doesn’t even know that cookies can BE processed.  His are always removed from an oven, not a bag – and he only wants to eat them if they are warm.  Kid’s got style.

Okay – so while I’m here ranting away, my good friend Courtnee messaged me with this happy news link about Subway removing that toxic chemical Azodicarbonamide from their bread.  Remember I wrote about this same horror story back on Jan. 13th? This is huge!!!  I am happy about this happy news.  My mood is lifting.  It gives me hope that I am doing the right thing by trying, blogging, spreading the word and sharing the info that comes to me from all my health conscious friends back to other people who are searching for answers to how to avoid shit food.  We’re literally all in this together – and sometimes it really sucks.

Now can someone please bring me a glass of organic wine  or beer with a box of Assorted See’s Candies?
Wine and Beer image by Allie Cormin Sees Candy image by Robyn Lee




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