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Time flies when you’re busy trying to find time for everything… Day 42 of my Food Journey


Where did my week go? Well… watching the Olympics and cooking, I’m afraid. I’ve been cooking all week long… along with my husband. We’ve been on a “only new recipes” kick and I gotta tell you – that makes for a LOT of work. Currently we’re stuck on many of the recipes from the One Ingredient Chef. Everything we have made from his blog has been fantastic and straight forward, but because it’s new ideas for us, we’re in the kitchen all day.  But the good news is – we’ve been eating tons of delicious food and the next time we make the ones we want to keep in our recipe book, they won’t take 3 HOURS to make. Geez.  I wish I was kidding, but I’m not.  I don’t think I sat at my desk for more than a few hours this week.  All this cooking and planning is a big time suck.  I won’t be able to sustain it forever, so I’m banking on all the new ideas and tricks I’m learning in the kitchen to get me through some quicker meal preparations in the future.  It’s like anything – If you don’t invest the time, you won’t be any good at it and you probably wont keep it up.  I think the Winter Olympics has taught us that this week. It was a ton of work cutting out meat, dairy and sugar, but 5 years later it’s so second nature to me/us that it takes no time at all anymore.  So now it’s a question of adding some variety and upping the Delicious factor… slow but steady.  We want to ultimately sustain this 90 day Food Journey, so it’s a great investment up front.

To add to my proverbial plate last week, I confirmed on Wednesday that London was having a play date Friday with his girlfriend from school so, obviously, I had to spend all day Thursday whipping up a sugar-free/vegan tea party for this very sweet couple.  After all  – it IS Valentines Day!  And my son was raised by me, so he loves to make a big deal out of any and every event.  We borrowed a lovely little tea set that my mom has been saving for my niece, and brought out the fancy glasses and napkins, and collected all the heart and star shaped cookie cutters we could find (turns out we have several thanks to my Boutique owning mother,) sent out the Tea Party Invite, covered the table with brown paper to decorate it with stickers courtesy of Trader Joe’s…  It was ON!  Valentine Day Tea Party   As you are all aware my son doesn’t eat refined sugar of any kind, and I am very adamant about no dairy right now, BUT I also like things to be right.  You can’t really have a “healthy” tea party, but we tried anyway – because that’s how we roll. Valentines Day Tea Party

Turns out London’s friend was not a fan of the coconut maple frosting I made for the cookies (she was right – It was NOT frosting and I wouldn’t make it again) but of course, my son loved it because it was loaded with maple syrup and coconut, and that’s what he’s used to.  HE would eat it for breakfast lunch and dinner if I let him.  I will keep working on a better vegan sugar free frosting.  I know it’s possible – I WILL NOT give up!! Nothing ventured nothing gained… Frosting is coming, and hopefully before London’s next birthday party.  The Tea was my favorite Chocolate Chai from Zhena Gypsy, which again my son downed tiny cup after tiny cup while his friend sipped on Sparkling Cider with fresh raspberries. She’s a classy kid. The chocolate covered strawberries were a little bitter, but we are still working on getting that worked out.  Zeke has been making homemade chocolate and candy lately with no sugar, and he’s doing great!  But it’s still not quite there yet.  It’s close! Keep trying sweetie – I’m counting on you for this one.

All in all the “Healthy Organic High Tea” was a pretty good success.  But it still needs work.  So that’s what I will continue to do – work.  Changing life-long habits and expectations and practices is not going to happen overnight.  So let’s all keep working on it and hope one day we get closer to a global movement where the collective desire is HEALTH and not the default of “but this is how I grew up doing it.”

Back to work and back to the kitchen for me…

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