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Hello and welcome to anyone reading this!! (How could you? No one knows about it.) This is where I will store all my latest kitchen creations to share with the world and more importantly, to remember myself. I always think “I’ll totally remember this one” and then I don’t. So now I’ll have access to my favorite recipes anywhere where I can get online.

I also have realized that over the course of the last three years that FOOD has become not just a passion for me but a mission.  I despise the food industry and what it is doing to the general public.  I struggle with the lack of judgment people use in the food that they consume.  I want to world to FEEL GOOD and be healthy.  Especially because it’s so easy.  You will read “organic” all over my blog pages.  I don’t understand why anyone would choose not to spend the extra money, so I can get a bit preachy in this area.  I don’t buy anything (that’s right – nothing) that’s not organic, unless I have absolutely no other choice because I need something that isn’t made organically (for instance Salt, some Seaweed products, or specialty items) or we have to eat out and can’t control it.  I HATE that anybody feeds their family GMO’s, processed foods, and chemicals.  It keeps me up at night.  Buying local is great, but I opt for organic any day.  Just because that farmer lives down the street from me doesn’t mean he’s not spraying pesticides and injecting hormones.  No thanks.  If it doesn’t have a stamp, I’m not giving you my money.  I’m going somewhere else and putting my money where my mouth (that will chew my food) is.

I don’t eat meat.  I try not to eat any animal products at all, but I have a cheese weakness.  I don’t judge.  If you eat meat – enjoy!  BUT I do hate that there is serious inhumanity and cruelty associated with the majority of the meat and dairy industry.  In a time when we all know better, when most of us have options, I just can’t be a part of it. So you won’t find any meat recipes on this site, or in my kitchen.  BUT you will find many great alternatives.  I don’t miss meat.  Part of the reason is that I have learned how to cook without it and I think I am a much better cook now than I ever was.  I don’t need it to be healthy, happy or satisfied.  I just don’t.

I also don’t eat sugar.  I cut every form of sugar out of my diet when I got pregnant with my son.  I have since had to figure out how to have sweets without it.  I have done a pretty good job.  My family doesn’t miss it.  My son has only had it once or twice.  He is happy as can be with the cookies, cakes, muffins, puddings, Popsicles, etc… that I make at home.  He is the healthiest, most thoughtful and calm kid I have ever known.  I attribute it all to diet.  I’m proud of that and so I continue my crusade to keep him satisfied as long as possible.  But again… I don’t judge anyone for eating sugar.  I used to be a sugar addict like most of America, but I have since learned that I don’t need it and don’t miss it – at all.  It makes me want to share that with the people I love and the rest of the world.  Why not?  I started this blog to pass it along.

So here are some ideas.  I hope they inspire you.  I hope you try something new because of something you see here.  And I hope you let me know if you improve on them.

Stay tuned in for my creative juices… literally.  You can also look for my “Husband Rating” at the end of each entry – see if you agree!!

…And if you want to know more about me outside of the kitchen you can go to my music website –  This food blog, sadly, is more up to date than that one – but I don’t talk about food on that one and you can hear what I do outside of the kitchen (and all the other things I have problems with!!)

Enjoy your food and see you in the kitchen!

Building my sons first birthday "monkey cake"

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