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Downer Alert!!!! This is important if you are interested in maintaining your health, the health of your kids, and your kids kids…


My friend Daphne sent this link to me today from the Environmental Working Group about Kid-safe Chemicals. Thank you Daphne!!

I actually watched to whole thing with my VERY limited free time. I have been an advocate for minimizing or eliminating environmental toxins since I was pregnant with my son. This is a bigger issue than I imagined (of course) so I thought I would share it here – on my “healthy food blog” – to help spread the word and awareness. The time is now people!! We don’t have the luxury of sweeping it under the rug (literally) until the next generation comes along and has no choice. We have no choice now – we are in it.
This video is over 20 minutes, but maybe it will change your life and the life of your child. We live in a toxic world. Our houses, our water, our air, our food… just about everything.  BUT you can clean it up if you pay attention!! I know in our house we do the most we can in every way and we have seen the difference in our health, energy level, mental clarity, etc… I hope you watch and I hope you look around and take a few baby steps to live the best life you can!

Okay – back to the kitchen for me.  Going to steal the Vegan Thumbprint cookie ingredients from Whole Foods Bakery and make my own version today.  Zeke’s had this request in for about two years now.  Here goes…


Organic Reminder!!


Just a reminder to read my post to ALWAYS BUY ORGANIC whenever possible. It’s so important for so many reasons!!

And try to stop eating meat – you won’t miss it that much and you will be doing yourself a huge favor physically (as long as you replace the protein) just try to eat a few meals a week that are vegetarian. It won’t kill you and it won’t kill that animal an it wont kill the planet and it won’t kill your budget.

Okay – enough preaching. Buy organic because I love you and want you to feel good and live long and healthy lives!!!