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Tempeh Tots


This is a very new spin on the old classic Tater Tots!! I only tried it because I was CRAVING something fried (bad mood? Period? Over eating healthy? All of the above?) and I didn’t want to go the the store (as usual) so I took some Tempeh and sliced it really thin so it was in flat little 3 inch pieces – or the width of the Tempeh – and fried those little bitches up in mostly safflower oil with a splash of olive oil. I also salted them tot he point of no longer having a single healthy quality left to them and added a little herbamore salt too, just to be sure that I wasn’t going to get anything beneficial from them.
All I have to say is yum yum. I’m not a huge tempeh fan, so I always have to find ways to mask the taste when I’m cooking it. But this was GOOOOOOD, and it brought me right back to my bacholorette days of Orida Frozen Tatter Tots for breakfast lunch and hangovers. Oh the good old days. I do miss them for the food that I didn’t think about while shoveling it down my face.
But here’s a great way to get that “because I can” power back onto your plate if you don’t want to eat total crap out of the freezer section, but still want to feel like you’re being naughty.

Husband Rating 4 star: gold-stargold-stargold-stargold-star “This tater-less tot tickles the tongue with tantalizing taste. Totally.”